Anne Fink

Office Manager

Anne joined C & V Income Tax in 2008 with multiple degrees in Commerce and Education as well as many years experience preparing income tax returns for an accounting practice. Anne completed, and graduated with honours, an Advance Tax Preparation and Research, Advanced Canadian Tax Principles and currently teaches our Introduction to Professional Tax Preparation course. Anne continually enhances and updates her tax knowledge. Anne ensures our clients have a positive tax experience.

As the Office Manager, Anne oversees all training of the Customer Service team as well as the Clerical Team. Anne is pivotal in the implementing of company procedures and policies. Anne reviews and explains tax returns to clients, as well as liaison work with Canada Revenue Agencies on the client’s behalf. Her natural teaching abilities and vast understanding of the Income Tax Act will help you fully understand your tax results.

Anne’s positive outlook, tax knowledge and professionalism has helped to make her an incredible asset to C & V Income Tax and our clients.

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