C & V Income Tax Services
Credit File Only Returns
No Income, UCCB, Social Assistance,
   Workers Comp. or Tuition ONLY
Credit File Only Spousal Returns
Spouse is filing for Credits Only and other spouse
   is filing a return at the same time.
Personal Income Tax Return
  Includes all Schedules & E-File except the
    following schedule additional fees:
  Business/Self Employed Schedules
  Rental Schedules
  Employment Expenses
  Moving Expense Schedule
  Truck Drivers Meals
  Full Print out of Return (Paper File)

Quick Money Refunds
  Same Day Refunds
  Includes Preparation Fees

Hourly Charges **
** Only charged when any additional work is
done. (ie. adding up receipts, bookkeeping
consultations and CCRA representation.)
Pre-Assessment and Post-Assessment

Charged in addition to the tax
   preparation fee
$ 45.00 ea

$ 35.00 ea

$ 50.00 ea
$ 75.00 ea.
$ 65.00 ea.
$ 40.00 ea.
$ 40.00 ea.
$ 30.00 ea.
$ 20.00 ea
$ 10.00 ea

$30.00  +
5% of Refund
All Prices are subject to H.S.T.
Payment is due upon completion of work.
All overdue accounts are subject to 2% Interest per month.
Effective December 1, 2014
$ 80.00 / hr
Charged in
15 min increments

$ 80.00 / hr
Charged in
15 min increments

In the unlikely event your Income Tax Return is adjusted due to an
error  by C & V Income Tax Services, we will cover any cost**
incurred by the client up to
DOUBLE their fee.

All of our tax preparers are Certified Tax Writers.  Our staff
continues to educate and gain as much knowledge to ensure the
accuracy of your return.

**Refers to interest or penalty charges only, we are not liable for income tax owing.
Our Mission Statement

C & V Income Tax Services is dedicated to the promotion and
encouragement of personal and professional growth and to
provide the highest standard of service to our clients.
Your Privacy Comes First

C & V Income Tax Services is committed to ensuring that all of our clients'
information is kept confidential by adhering to strict security policies.
C & V Income Tax Services is governed under both
Canada's Privacy Act
PIPEDA ( Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents
Act ).
Click on the links to review the acts.

Due to the strict enforcement of these policies we cannot discuss or
disclose any clients information to anyone (not even spouses) without
written consent.  To provide consent please click
here to fill out our
Authorization to Release form.