Bethany’s Hope

Our Focus Charity for 2017

(Change for Change)

We are so proud of our accomplishments with Bethany’s Hope:

• Silver Sponsor for London based charity Bethany’s Hope Lobsterfest fundraiser 2015 & 2016

• Silver Sponsor for Bethany’s Hope RCMP Musical Ride 2016

• Gold Sponsor for Bethany’s Hope Lobsterfest fundraiser for 2017

• Together with our staff and clients, raised over $19,000 for the Bethany’s Hope Team2018 Campaign from January – July 2017.

This charity is funding research to find a cure for those diagnosed with Metachromatic Leukodystrophy (MLD), a terrible disease which claimed the life of young Bethany McIntyre. The poor child struggled through incredible suffering while her family committed to fighting against the illness which veteran doctors referred to as hopeless. The McIntyre’s did not give up on the fight, and even after the tragic loss of Bethany, the fight continues in her honor.